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Asante Samuel not a fan of New England’s ‘Patriot Way,’ credits Tom Brady for dynasty

Asante Samuel played for the New England Patriots for the first five years of his career, a member of two Super Bowl championship teams. 

That doesn’t mean that he has only kind things to say about the organization. 

“All of them [were] company men, talking about ‘Patriot Way,'” he continued. “I don’t know none of that. I’m here to get money, take care of my family, the same way Belichick is here to take care of his family, get his money. So when you try to hold my money back, and you want all your money, I ain’t got no respect for you.”

After five years in New England, Samuel signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, playing four years from 2008 to 2011. 

The Patriots have been the greatest dynasty in NFL history ever since drafting quarterback Tom Brady in the 2000 NFL Draft, winning six Super Bowls with Brady under center and Belichick calling the shots. “We can make these decisions because we’ve got Tom,” Samuel said. “I don’t matter what decisions you can make. Who’s next up to bring in from free agency? Can they pass the test? Bring them in and make sure they can make it to the fourth quarter. That’s all we need is somebody, because we got Tom, everything is going to work. I saw it with my own eyes. I’m not joking. This is the truth.”

“I still give him credit, he can still be the greatest coach of all time,” Samuel said. “He just got to win another Super Bowl.”

A first-team All-Pro in 2007 and a four-time Pro Bowler, Samuel’s career came to an end after the 2013 season.



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